Fat Floor / White DoubleStick

FatFloor is designed for medium to long-term applications. It can be used for almost all surfaces as it will be delivered without self-adhesive rear and therefore easily applied on the floor. Printing is done on the reverse side of the film and in two steps. First, the design is printed mirror-inverted and in the second step a white layer is printed. If you do not have the color option white, you can apply our product "White DoubleStick" on the back of the FatFloor. With this option you have the white layer on the back of the FatFloor and the adhesive on the other side of the material for the application to the surface. The product can also be applied with a double-sided tape (CarpetTape). FatFloor is very resistant against wear and other influences, as the printing is done on the reverse side and therefore no color wear can occur due to mechanical impact, if it is caused by the usual use of the product.


Application examples:

• shop entrances
• car showrooms, showrooms
• museums, meeting points and other events

Features & Benefits:

• simple application and removal
• very robust
• extremely slip-resistant