Continental Grafix is a global leader specializing in the manufacturing of premium perforated products tailored for the printing industry. Our exceptional expertise empowers us to craft high-quality non-adhesive and adhesive solutions.

Our perforated products feature one-sided transparency, allowing viewers to see through the perforations from the inside while showcasing the printed design from the outside. This cutting-edge technology unlocks a multitude of opportunities for leveraging windows and glass surfaces as effective advertising platforms.

Additionally, we produce top-tier floor films designed for a wide range of applications, including sports events, parking lots, carpets, indoor and outdoor signage and much more. Our products are renowned for their outstanding slip resistance, ensuring optimal safety in any application scenario.

Our dedicated team is committed to turning the impossible into reality and delivering exceptional services to our global partners and customers. This encompasses expert consultation, training, support, and expedited delivery services for our standard product range.

Your needs and concerns hold paramount importance to us, and we consistently strive to enhance your satisfaction and continuously improve our performance.

Trade fairs

Continental Grafix AG is pleased to present our products at the following events: