• We participated at Igepa Select 2019 – A short review!

    Posted by Continental Grafix on 14.10.2019

    This year we had decided to present a booth concept totally created with our products only.

  • What if, we manufactured a floor film you can easy use in the swimming pool area? What if, we manufactured a floor film you can even apply under water? But it´s not “what if”, our floor film AsphaltWalk provides these features and many more.

  • How to promote brands at indoor sport events

    Posted by Continental Grafix on 14.08.2019

    The countdown for the sport hall season has started. Are you ready?

    The use of Graphic Media offers a creative way to create a brand buzz and eye-catching pieces at an indoor sport event

  • Advertising on trains – not as easy as it seems

    Posted by Continental Grafix on 07.08.2019

    Every day you recognize the advertising messages on trains in the city. For shop owner, event manager, marketing manager or advertisers it´s the perfect way to get their messages to the crowd.
    But besides the message also the material is important! It doesn´t have to fit only your requirements to receive a good result, it also has to be allowed to use.

  • panoRama Two Way Vision – your special way of advertisment

    Posted by Continental Grafix on 31.07.2019

    There are numerous advantages of advertising on windows, on walls and of course on floors. In most cases your are to see through a window advertising depending on the open area but the message is only visible from one side. Advertisiers, shop owners etc. have to decide where their message should be seen. But what if, it´s not necesarry anymore?

  • Our perfect solution for extreme temperature

    Posted by Continental Grafix on 25.07.2019

    For extreme heat, we have designed our polymeric vinyl film panoRama X-treme for outdoor applications.

  • We have moved

    Posted by Continental Grafix on 24.06.2019

    We have moved to our new office.

  • Eurovision Song Contest 2019

    Posted by Continental Grafix on 23.05.2019

    Tel Aviv celebrated the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 last week. During these days you could discover our products everywhere.

  • FESPA 2019 – a short review

    Posted by Continental Grafix on 21.05.2019

    During the three days of the fair, we were able to convince many visitors from all over the world of our high-quality products at our booth.

  • PanoRama X-terme – a customer success story

    Posted by Continental Grafix on 15.04.2019

    Today we received an email from our customer. At minus 18 degrees in Åre, Sweden (FIS Alpine World Ski Championship 2019) our customer applied our seld-adhesive film panoRama X-treme easily and is extremly happy by choosing our product.

  • Hello Berlin!

    Posted by Continental Grafix on 30.10.2018

    Berlin celebrated 28 years of East/West reunification

    11.040 German towns and villages created the band of reunification

    along with AsphaltWalk stretching 3 km