MyFloor Film

MyFloor Film - the classic, calendered film that not only impresses with its timeless design but also meets the highest safety standards. MyFloor Film is proud to carry a B1 certificate, meaning that not only aesthetics but also fire safety takes precedence.

This versatile film with a gray back gives free rein to your creativity. MyFloor Film can be applied not only to smooth or lightly textured walls but is also perfect for doors, glass, and tiles. The application possibilities are virtually endless, and with the additional B1 certificate, you can rest assured that your creative ambitions come with the highest level of safety.


  • Smooth or slightly structured walls
  • Tiles
  • Doors
  • Glas

Features & Benefit:

  • Easy application and removal
  • Removal without adhesive residue
  • Excellent durability
  • Great heat resistance and dimensional stability
  • Good chemical resistance