AsphaltWalk Yellow

AsphaltWalk Yellow is designed to be used for short to mid-term applications depending on where the product is applied. AsphaltWalk Yellow can be used on surfaces such as asphalt, cement and untreated stone. The material can easily be removed from such surfaces without leaving any residues. AsphaltWalk Yellow is designed to be very robust against abrasion and other influences caused by normal use of the product. The product with its yellow colour is perfectly suited for markings etc.. There is no need of anti-slip laminate when using the product. The adhesive is especially designed for outdoor application. The high slip resistance allows the application of AsphaltWalk Yellow nearly everywhere, even on stairs and inclines.

Features & Benefits:

  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Customized fitting on all surfaces
  • Extremely slip-resistant
  • PVC free

Examples of application:

  • Markings, signalisations and road markings having to be yellow
  • Advertising space on asphalt, cement, concrete, paving stone etc.
  • Bus, tramway or metro stations
  • Sport events: bicycle and car races, marathons etc.
  • Car showrooms, showrooms
  • Museums, meeting points and other events
  • Petrol stations and shop entrances
  • Indoor and outdoor parkings as well as driveways
  • Pedestrian areas and stairs