• Discover the versatility of panoRama Silver

    Posted by Continental Grafix on 06.06.2024

    Project by Igepa Hungaria, Hungary        Print by Perfect Dekor Design Kft., Hungary   Prepare yourself for summer: Discover the versatility of panoRama Silver   With the approaching summer comes intense sunlight, which not only heats up outdoor areas but also our indoor spaces. Instead of running your air conditioner on high, consider…

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  • NatureWalk®: The PVC-free innovation for floors and walls!

    Posted by Continental Grafix on 16.05.2024

    NatureWalk® is a revolutionary film that is not only vegan and recyclable but also heralds a new era for floor and wall design. With its specially designed surface and highly adaptable structure, NatureWalk® reinvents space, whether as advertising space, informational medium, or decorative element. What makes NatureWalk® so special? Its structure increases safety with an…

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  • The ultimate products for wet areas

    Posted by Continental Grafix on 05.04.2024

    CatWalk and ClearWalk – The ultimate products for wet areas   Dear Customers, we are pleased to introduce to you today two innovative products that will make your indoor spaces safer and more comfortable: CatWalk and ClearWalk.   CatWalk – Non-slip film for various applications CatWalk is a short- to medium-term adhesive film that can…

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  • MegaView 40 meets Kung Fu Panda 4 at Burger King!

    Posted by Continental Grafix on 04.03.2024

      Welcome to our latest blog post, exploring the impressive synergy between MegaView 40, our exclusive window film, and the captivating Kung Fu Panda 4 film displayed on the windows of a Burger King in Geneva! Let’s dive into the fascinating world of this unique symbiosis together. MegaView UV Overview: – Perforated self-adhesive film: Designed…

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  • Latest application images of panoRama Micron 10540

    Posted by mlenk1178 on 05.12.2023

    We are pleased to inform you that the panoRama Micron 10540 has generated significant interest and we are thrilled to have already sold some of the innovative window film. The response has been overwhelming, and we would like to express our sincere thanks to all the customers who have already benefited from the unique features…

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    Posted by mlenk1178 on 04.09.2023
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    Posted by mlenk1178 on 28.02.2022
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    Posted by mlenk1178 on 18.02.2021
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  • panoRama Two Way Vision – a customer story

    Posted by mlenk1178 on 07.11.2019

    Salathé Jeans and Army Shop in Luzern, Switzerland used our window film panoRama Two Way Vision for advertising above their shopping windows.

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  • Athletic Walk – a customer story

    Posted by mlenk1178 on 22.10.2019

    Our customer Faust Schrift & Design Werbung in Enshausen used AthleticWalk to put the sponsors and partner logos as eyecatcher in the spotlight directly on the field.

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  • PanoRama X-terme – a customer success story

    Posted by mlenk1178 on 15.04.2019

    Today we received an email from our customer. At minus 18 degrees in Åre, Sweden (FIS Alpine World Ski Championship 2019) our customer applied our seld-adhesive film panoRama X-treme easily and is extremly happy by choosing our product.

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